Wake up to a nightmare, you are the key to alter the presidential elections. You have 30 minutes to scape, and 7 options.
It’s up to you.

Alice Holland, a loving and kind mother who Works for the NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) awakes tied up to a chair, kidnapped by a group of terrorists who will seek to alter the elections in order to get their party came to power in less than 30 minutes. A nightmare  where she can not leave without your help. The first interactive film experience, help Alice find her daughter, Sophie, and escape from her captors. There are 7 options, whether you survive or not, it’s up to you.



Eduardo Galeazzi
Emily Brown
Alfredo López Rivera
Jony Perdonomo
Raúl Santana

Creative team



México Bárbaro
México Bárbaro, terror anthology filled with Mexican legends just like aluxes, goblins, the boogie man, shamans, ghosts and Aztecs sacrifices, directed by 8 mexican directors
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